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Bankruptcy And Debt Relief Help From An Experienced Lawyer

Financial struggles are a distressing reality for millions of Americans. If you’re in danger of losing your home or car, or you’re facing wage garnishment and getting countless calls from creditors, it may be time to seek help. Fortunately, the law offers numerous forms of debt relief options for people from all walks of life. But making sense of those options can be complicated, and missteps can be costly.

At the Law Offices of James T. Harper, Jr., LLC, I can help you pursue a debt relief strategy that is right for your unique situation. I’m attorney James T. Harper, a bankruptcy lawyer in Merritt Island. I draw on more than two decades of experience to help people across Central Florida get out of debt and achieve a more stable financial life.

Basic Types Of Bankruptcy Cases

I handle all types of individual and business bankruptcy cases including:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which involves liquidating assets (selling property) to satisfy creditors. Note that for many people, much or all of your property may be safeguarded. Chapter 7 is often a smart option for lower-income individuals or families who don’t own a home.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which involves consolidating debts and creating an affordable repayment plan that lasts three or five years. This form is bankruptcy is available to income-earners who may also own a home.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which is geared toward businesses or high net worth individuals. It involves creating a reorganization plan to address debts. Businesses can remain in operation during the course of the proceedings.

I can help you determine whether bankruptcy is right for you, and if so, which type to pursue.

Other Ways I Can Help

Debt has a way of impacting all areas of your life, taking a major financial and emotional toll. I take a look at the big picture to address all the ways debt is affecting you. That means I can assist you with:

  • Putting a stop to creditor harassment
  • Stopping wage garnishment
  • Defending against debt collection proceedings
  • Pursuing a mortgage modification to make your monthly payments more affordable
  • Getting rid of a second mortgage
  • Keeping your car and home
  • Protecting your home from foreclosure including defense against foreclosure proceedings
  • Addressing options for student loan debt relief

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Don’t suffer from financial struggles any longer than necessary. I can help you start to move forward, providing peace of mind through caring, thoughtful guidance.

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My firm is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.